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Walking Tours

Adventure Awaits

Mario's City Strolls offers a variety of tour packages, all promising that added personal touch. My trips guarantee an action-packed itinerary, while delivering a truly knowledgeable and authentic travel experience. Take a look at the sorts of tour packages I offer below, and get in touch if you would like to learn how you can book a tour with me today.

Walking Tours: Tour Packages
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2000 Years of City History and Counting

£15 p/p (Minimum group of 6)

A fascinating and fun stroll where Roman walls, medieval architecture and 17th century churches, rub shoulders with the buzz of the 21st century. 
A City rich in history.


Gallows, Hallows, Trade and Stakes

£15 p/p (minimum group of 6)

Smithfield - one of the bloodiest locations in London. The scene of bloody executions, burning heretics, religious orders and "all asmear with filth and fat and blood and foam."

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The Great Fire of London

£15 p/p (Minimum group of 6)

17th century London was a potential tinderbox, packed tightly with houses made from wood and straw - a disaster in waiting. Follow the Great Fire's trail of destruction and the events that unfolded!

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Monuments and Power - Guildhall

£15 p/p (Minimum Group of 6)

The powerhouse of the City of London for 800 years, and still its seat of government. Walk through 800 years of history including Giants, Icons and Traditions. A veritable feast!

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A Dickens' Stroll

£15 p/p (Minimum Group of 6)

Dicken's City of London. It provided his inspiration. 
“a day in London sets me up again and starts me. But the toil and labour of writing day after day without that Magic Lantern is immense!"

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Postmen, Prelates and Strolling Players

£15p/p (Minimum Group of 6)

See where the Penny Post was born, and walk in the footsteps of Shakespeare and the high priesthood from its origins to current day, in two of the City of London's most impressive conservation areas.

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Alleyways North in The City of London

£15 p/p (Minimum Group of 6)

Discover lanes, alleys and corners of the City, with a gruesome past. Stand on the site of public executions meet some of the City's famous inhabitants, hear of famous trials, body snatchers and more!

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Alleyways South in The City of London

£15 p/p (Minimum Group of 6)

Experience the history of the streets and alleyways of the City, south of Cheapside to the St Pauls Conservation Area

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The City's Open Spaces

£15 p/p (Minimum Group of 6)

From the decline of churchyards and the catastrophic blitz of World War 2, came the creation of inspiring, sustainable and beautiful Open Spaces for all in the City. Come visit!

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The City’s Churches

£15 p/p (Minimum Group of 6)

The City of London's beautiful churches rub shoulders with their 20th and 21st century neighbours and have defied catastrophic events over the decades, leaving us with precious links to the past.

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